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Shake your head to Verify your identity on Facebook

Facebook’s new feature face detection tool to verify your identity. Social media has become the norm of the younger generation around the world. Facebook is also introducing many new features to win the hearts of its customers. Now another good news has come, Facebook administration is trying to secure users’ accounts and privacy.

According to a foreign news agency, After lots of complaints against Facebook fake accounts and harassment. this feature is being introduced.

Facebook Dark mode

Which helps to distinguish real and fake Facebook accounts. Facebook intends to introduce a feature that will make users aware of being fake or booting.

This feature will call for a video selfie from the Facebook user, and he will receive a message to send a short video of his face moving his head to the left and right.

According to a Facebook spokesperson, “verify your identity” feature will help us to identify our true customers. However, this feature will identify a user not just for face recognition, but also for his or her presence.

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