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Increase in Pakistani exports? Most buying country

The United States is leading the list of “Increase in Pakistani exports” to various countries, China is second and the UK is third. Pakistan increased its exports to the six countries. In which the US, China, the UK, Afghanistan, Germany, and the Netherlands accounted for 48%.

According to the official document, United States is the biggest importer of Pakistan, its total import is 17.03 in this fiscal year. It’s increased as compared to the previous fiscal year which was 15.67%. Pakistan’s exports to China in the last financial year were 8.30%, Britain 7.5%, Afghanistan 5.64%, Germany. 5.54% and 4.23% for the Netherlands.

Similarly, export to Spain is 4.04%, UAE 4.02%, Italy 3.43%, Bangladesh 3.25%, Saudi Arabia 1.43% and India 1.11%.

According to the document, “Increase in Pakistani exports” to the US, UK, Netherlands, Spain, UAE, Italy, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Canada and Poland in 2019 compared to 2018. While Exports to Afghanistan, Germany, Belgium, France, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Korea, Kenya and India declined.

For more details about the Pakistan export on world Bank website


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